Corporate Solutions

Strategic Transformation

Map the end to end business process and gain efficiencies all the way from concept to commercialization.

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Central Product Office Setup

Most businesses are about products – not projects. Put the focus back on the products by setting up a Central PRODUCT office.

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PM Competency Assessments (PMDisha®)

Get a comprehensive and objective assessment of the PM capabilities and a map to go forward.

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Management Development Program for Pharma and Chemicals Industries

Develop a top notch management team that is enabled to convert your strategy into reality.

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Microsoft EPM Implementation

Make progress transparent by implementing an IT solution with comprehensive dashboards.

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Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM®) Certification Course

PMSOFT is an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) for Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM®) Certification.

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Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry

The main goal of the pharmaceutical industry is to provide drugs that prevent infections, maintain health…

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Engineering Industry

Engineering industry is a broad, sweeping term that covers many organizations which provide engineering components …

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IT Industry

The IT industry is a broad, sweeping term that covers many information technology oriented organizations …

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PMDisha® – A Multi-dimensional Model

Every human has a character and a personality so is the organization. Just as an individual’s personality has many facets, an organization’s composition is also multidimensional. An organization irrespective of its size will exhibit different characteristics depending upon the parameter used for evaluation. Therefore, conventional linear assessment to drive change may not succeed fully to deliver the benefits.

An organization displays a rainbow of competencies across different functions. The functions are responsible to deliver the ‘intents’ in the form of measurable benefits. A ‘seller’ organization’s competencies in a function may be the same academically as that of ‘Buyer’ organization but the ‘intent, perspective and measurements’ of benefits differ significantly. The approach of ‘One size, fits all’ is not be effective in such scenarios.

Therefore, to analyse the organizations’ current state, it is necessary to assess the organization from different dimensions. These dimensions are ‘Competency to deliver’ and the ‘Perspective’ of existing capabilities.

What is Capability?

Competency + Process + Culture = Capability to Realize Intended Benefits

Competencies are related how people are conversant with industry best practices. Competency is a function of knowledge and pre-requisite skills to realize the benefits. Therefore, to deliver the benefits it is essential to assess the competencies of all the stakeholders involved right through the product lifecycle from ‘Concept to Commercialization’ in the areas of

  • Scope Management
  • Time Management
  • Cost Management
  • Quality Management
  • Program and Project Governance
  • Stakeholder Management and
  • Benefits management

On the other hand, assimilation of ‘perspective’ in compliance to various processes of benefit realization must be assessed to measure the capability.

  • Process Compliance
  • stakeholder involvement,
  • metrics and measurements,
  • tracking and reviewing and

PMDisha® is both an organizational as well as individual assessment model. Call us to find out how PMDisha can work for you?


“The movies and real life experience makes it much easier to understand how PM is played and conducted outsider of theoretical world”

Patcharasine Ratanasook, Thailand

“It has been a very interesting and enriching course”

Koh Siang Neng, Singapore

“Outstanding representation of the entire course. The examples used are easy to understand and correlate.”

Debabratta Dash, Gurgaon

“Good lecturer, give good example to help student to understand well. Thanks Mr. Ravi.”

Kelvin Cheng, Singapore

“I found the lecture is very much knowledgeable. Very impressive.”

Noppawan Tangjitchuchawal, Thailand

“Simply superb / learnt many things and classroom sessions were very engaging and witty.”

Gowri Shanker, Bangalore

“Fantastic approach to take presentation through vast examples and incidents.”

Ajay Dehriya, Kolkata

“Awesome and very informative, relevant workshop.”

Chandan Mishra, Mumbai

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