Our Strengths

Twenty years of experience in  Optimizing & Digitalizing Project and Product Management Processes in Pharma & Chemical Industries in some of teh areas liks  accelerating DMF filings, Custom Research & Manufacturing services, New Product Development etc.

Our Custom Solution

Digitalizing Project Management: “Streamline your project management processes with our Customized Digital Solution, designed to enhance collaboration, efficiency, and decision-making in the pharma and chemical industries. From concept to completion, manage your projects with precision and ease.”

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM): “Navigate the complexities of product development in the pharma and chemical sectors with our PLM solutions. Ensure compliance, quality, and speed to market with digital tools that cover every phase of your product’s lifecycle.”

Data Analytics & Insights into Corprorate Performance : “Transform data into actionable insights with our advanced analytics solutions and Dashboards. Make informed decisions, predict trends, and optimize performance in your project and product management endeavors.”

Why PMSoft?

With our strength of the Domain Knowledge of the industry, we will help achieve the benefits in terms of Economic, Efficiency and Effectiveness.

PMSoft has delivered customized solutions for from
‘Concept to Commercialization’ for

  • Formulations,Generics,API Development
  • CDMO, Specialty Chemicals,Agro Chemicals

Economic Benefits:

  • Effective CAPEX & Resource utilization by delivering more products and services.
  • Optimized resource utilization in terms of Resources, Plant Utilization and Optimized delivery process.
  • Managing and balancing thru ‘put from business perspective.

Effectiveness & Efficiency Benefits

  • Measurable reduction in review meetings and follow-ups with real-time dashboards
  • Timely responses to issue & Risks
  • Schedule/Delays alerts and performance measurements
  • Secured Document Management system.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss further at info@pmsoft.com